What will come to your mind now is the rich and soft taste of a beautiful mango squeezed open. The lovely, fragrant nectar takes over your mouth and insinuates itself within your mouth as if it is the sunshine of the tropical day only this happens in your mouth. However, mangoes are not just about comforting splendour; they are full-scale nutrition and healthy, deserving the tag of "The King of fruits," therefore, a daily diet with these magic fruits is highly recommended. Besides their sweet flavour, mangoes have numerous health benefits that set them aside from other fruits.

The Nutritional Profile of Mangoes 

Mangoes is a gift of nature because they are full of vitamins and minerals. At the same time, an individual serving can cover many of your daily nutritional needs. A mango provides one of the highest levels of Vitamin C antioxidants among the fruits, which acts as protective to both the immune system and skin health. And, again it is a source of Vitamin A, which aids in good vision and enhances antioxidant properties. However, that doesn't only contain mango dietary fibres but also possess over 20 different vitamins and minerals, therefore, they are an all-rounded nutritional meal.

Health Benefits of Mango 

Diving deeper into the health benefits of mangoes reveals a fruit that's not just tasty but truly beneficial for your health:

Digestive Health: Dietary fibre found in mangoes promotes digestion and gives your digestive system the added boost needed to be most efficient.

Immune Support: With their high content of Vitamin C, this fruit defends you from infections and diseases and has your immune system strong.

Eye Health: Vitamin A in mangoes is essential for eye health and strengthening the immune system to avert conditions like macular degeneration and night blindness.

Heart Health: Mangoes have potassium and magnesium among minerals as these are the things that support normal blood pressure and heart rhythm.

Skin and Hair: Mango, titans of vitamins A and C are the main ingredients for good nails, hair and skin because of their capacity to moisturize and restore damaged cells.

Different Types of Mango at Froovella

Come and taste the flavorfulness journey with Froovella, where a bite of the diverse mango presentation package is the pleasure of popping local aromas, straw, sweet nectars and the treasure box of health benefits. Beyond the table, mango referred to as the "The King of Fruits" worldwide, is not only a banquet of taste buds but an existence of nutritional richness. The spectrum goes all the way from the hilly orchards to your doorstep. 

  • Alphonso Mango: Named the 'King of Mangoes,' with its strikingly yellow colour, juiciness and luscious sweet flavour, Alphonso is known to be the best in the world. Native to the western side of India, it's a commonly used fruit for sugary desserts such as milkshakes infused with a sweet, velvet-smooth taste that's truly out of this world.
  • Hamaam Mango: The Hamaam mango (local name for Golden Mango), with its large size and low fibre, is a subspecies with a sweet, slightly acidic taste which is quite tasty. The super smooth and buttery texture of this mango is ideal for it to be eaten in broken chunks on a salad, or even as a rich snack on its own.
  • Safeda Mango: The second variety is Namisucking, which is the other name of the Banganapalli. The skin of this type is thin and under it, you may find the red flesh which is sweet with the smell of a bit of the tang. Thus, the tangy flavour might not be appealing to all people and it won't be a snack to get pleasure from juice or even to mix it with fruit bowls.
  • Pairi Mango: In contrast to common perception, Pairi - is a rather exotic sort of candy for those who love a bite of sour in their sweets. This is a small, oval-looking kind of produce that boasts great flavour with juiciness; that is why it is the heart of every honoured farmer who starts selling in the prime season months. Because of the varied taste, it becomes ideal for all these foods like chutneys, pickles, and drinks. 
  • Sindhuri Mango: Reputed for its unique red tinge, Sindhuri mango is an attractive edible delight on both the mind and the palate. No doubt about it: it is a superbly balanced kind of fruit from both sweet and sour aspects, which makes it good for every kind of food, including traditional sweets and contemporary cuisine.

How to Incorporate Mangoes in Your Diet 

Mango is easily available and pleasingly versatile to be incorporated in your diet. Begin the day with a mango smoothie that you create in the blender by combining the fruit with some Greek yoghurt and a few pieces of spinach. Try adding cubed mangoes to quinoa salad for your lunch to make the dish not just healthy but also exotic. Fruity mango salsa serves as the perfect side dish for chicken or fish skewered with a grilling grate infusing the food with sweet and tangy flavor. And as far as the main acts go, mango sorbet will be enough to assure sweet satisfaction without the guilt.

Selecting and Storing Mangoes for Freshness 

The mango variety that you can select and how you can store them have a direct impact on how fresh they are going to be.

It's the selection of a mango that can indeed impact your eating in the kitchen. Be on the lookout for mangoes that are soft enough to press and on the stem have a fragrance from ripeness. Don’t choose those fruits which look like they are full of spots and blemishes. For ripening mangoes, the best is to leave them at room temperature. When kept unplugged, they can be stored in the refrigerator to delay the ripening process and ensure their freshness longer


Mangoes that offer their enticing nature of flavour and various health perks are the kind of fruit that you need to have daily. Whatever the type of product you're using: be it eating mango as a sweet snack or adding it to your meals, mango has a tasty way to add to your health. Hence the next time you are at the grocery store, keep in mind the kingly mango, the snack not only for your teeth but for your overall health! Surrender all your fancy fruits to the kingliness of mangoes. Celebrate the season of mango and make it your top fruit for the year.