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About the Product Gala apples are non-uniform in colour, usually vertically striped or mottled, with overall orange colour. They are sweet, fine textured, and aromatic, and in addition to being eaten raw and cooked...

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About the Product

Gala apples are non-uniform in colour, usually vertically striped or mottled, with overall orange colour. They are sweet, fine textured, and aromatic, and in addition to being eaten raw and cooked are especially suitable for creating sauces. the use of cold storage and controlled atmosphere storage Australian Gala are available from late January. Gala apples will have a lighter, yellow-orange coloring early in the season, and as the season progresses, the fruits will develop darker red hues. 

Underneath the skin, the ivory to pale yellow flesh is fine-grained, firm, and aqueous with a crisp but tender, snap-like quality. The flesh also encases a central fibrous core filled with dark brown and flat seeds. Gala apples emit a perfumed, floral aroma and have a mildly sweet flavor with a hint of acidity. Gala apples, botanically classified as Malus domestica, are a well-known commercial cultivar belonging to the Rutaceae family.  The flesh often bears fruity and floral undertones, combined with nuances of vanilla, apple blossoms, and pears

Health Benefits 

Royal Gala Apples benefit health in numerous ways. From being preventive against diabetes to increasing immunity and treating digestive problems and infections it does it all. It is abundant in dietary fiber content preventing constipation and bloating. It maintains proper gut health keeping serious conditions at bay. An organic compound Jambosine, found in Royal Gala apple, is found to be very effective against diabetes. It is an alkaloid that regulates the conversion of starch into sugar controlling the sugar levels in the body and helping the people with reduced pancreatic activity as in the case of diabetes.

It removes the toxic substances from the body maintaining overall health and improving organ functioning. Vitamin C protects against microbial infections and vitamin A increases body immunity effectively. Other essential nutrients like iron and calcium keep body strong and healthy protecting against various infectious diseases. Vitamin A and C are effective against the development of tumors and cancer cells. Thus adding royal gala apple to your daily diet effectively reduces the risk of cancer.

Storage and Uses

Galas, like all other apples, should be stored as cold as possible. Keep them in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator. A perforated plastic bag works best, as it allows some of the moisture to escape while keeping the apples crisp.

The apples can be washed and consumed straight, out of hand, or they can be sliced and dipped into ccolate, caramel, or served with cheeses. Gala apples are also popularly chopped into salads, shredded into slaws, cut for fruit bowls, or diced into salsa and chutney. The apple’s snap-like texture provides a source of crunch when layering onto sandwiches, paninis, and burgers, or the apples can be minced and stuffed into sausage. Gala apples can be combined with stronger flavored apples such as granny smith, Arkansas black, and mutsu, and baked into tarts, pies, galettes, crisps, crumbles, and strudel. The apples can also be cooked into butter, sauces, jams, and jellies, or pressed into ciders, juices, and smoothies.

Nutritious Value Of Royal Gala Apples

Royal Gala Apple Nutrition Value:-

  • Calories: 52
  • Water: 86%
  • Protein: 0.3 grams
  • Carbs: 13.8 grams
  • Sugar: 10.4 grams
  • Fiber: 2.4 grams
  • Fat: 0.2 grams

Other Product Info

Country of origin: South Africa
Best if consumed within 3 days of delivery.

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Royal Gala Apple - South Africa

Pack of 4
Pack of 4
₹ 199