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About the Product Zespri Greem Kiwi has a thin, fuzzy, fibrous, tart but edible light brown skin and light green or golden flesh with rows of tiny, black, edible seeds. The...

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About the Product

Zespri Greem Kiwi has a thin, fuzzy, fibrous, tart but edible light brown skin and light green or golden flesh with rows of tiny, black, edible seeds. The fruit has a soft texture with a sweet and unique flavour. The fruit became popular with British and American servicemen stationed in New Zealand during World War II, and later became commonly exported, first to Great Britain and then to California in the 1960s. Kiwifruit has since become a common name for all commercially grown green kiwifruit from the genus Actinidia.  In the United States and Canada, the shortened name kiwi is commonly used when referring to the fruit. Botanically, kiwis are classified as berries. Actinidia deliciosa and A. chinensis are the two most commonly consumed kiwi species. Kiwis also come in yellow-fleshed or golden varieties (A. chinensis). The difference between green-fleshed and yellow-fleshed kiwis is that green kiwis contain a green pigment called chlorophyll while yellow kiwis. 

Health Benefits Of Eating Green Kiwi 

Kiwis are small fruits that pack a lot of flavor and plenty of vitamins, minerals, and powerful plant compounds. The skin of most varieties of kiwi should be peeled off before you eat them. Kiwis are exceptionally high in vitamin C, with a 3.5-ounce (100-gram) kiwi providing over 80% of the average daily vitamin C needs. Additionally, kiwis contain potassium, copper, vitamin K, folate, and vitamin E, a fat-soluble nutrient that has antioxidant effects and plays an important role in immune health. Kiwis are low in calories, protein, and fat, and they’re a good source of fiber. vitamin C found in kiwis is the same as vitamin C supplements, making kiwis an excellent alternative to supplement pills 
They’re sweet, easy to eat, and highly nutritious. Plus, these small fruits offer a few impressive health benefits. Consuming a diet rich in vegetables and fruits like kiwis is a smart way to support heart health. Those who ate three kiwis per day for 8 weeks had lower blood pressure at the end of the intervention compared with those who ate one apple per day. Kiwis contain both insoluble and soluble fiber. The soluble fiber found in kiwis may benefit blood sugar regulation and heart health and help support healthy gut bacteria, while the insoluble fiber found in the fruit can help keep bowel movements regular.

 Storage and Uses

Store unripe and ripened kiwifruit at 32–35 degrees Fahrenheit. To ripen, hold fruit at room temperature in a loosely closed paper bag, for two to three days and avoid unusual heat and direct sunlight. Once kiwifruit is ripe and yields to the touch, it should be refrigerated until ready for use. Ripe green kiwifruit lasts up to 5 days in the fridge helps slow down the ripening process which helps keep your kiwifruit longer.
Kiwi may be used in the following ways:

It can be used to make desserts and salads. It is used in the production of wine.
It is consumed as a fresh, frozen and dried fruit. It can also be consumed as jams, juices, marmalades, nectar, jellies, etc. Kiwi juice is used in some cultures as a meat tenderiser. Kiwi contains many phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins that promote good health. The kiwi peel is used as an ingredient for making natural sleeping aids.

Nutritious Value Of Frusan Green Kiwi

One Zespri Green Kiwi contains :
Calories: 64
Carbs: 14 grams
Fiber: 3 grams
Fat: 0.44 grams
Protein: 1 gram
Vitamin C: 83% 
Vitamin E: 9%
Vitamin K: 34% 
Folate: 7% 
Copper: 15% 
Potassium: 4% 
Magnesium: 4% 

Other Product Info

Country of origin:  New Zealand
Best if consumed within 3 days of delivery

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Zespri Green Kiwi - New Zealand

Pack of 3
Pack of 3
₹ 120